Going on a First Date with Someone? Leave These Things Out the Discussion!

Going on a First Date with Someone? Leave These Things Out the Discussion!
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Are you going on a first date with someone? Then there are some things you should definitely leave out of the discussion. Some people go on dates and talk about things that the other person really doesn’t want to hear about. Then that is a guarantee that there will not be a second date. If you are new at this, you may need some tips on what not to do! Below are some tips on things you should leave out of the discussion when on your first date.

Avoid Talking About Your Exes

One of the things you should definitely avoid is talking about your exes. No one on a date with you wants to hear about your exes when you are on a date with them. Definitely don’t compare them with your exes, that won’t fly that well.

Don’t Talk About Your Flaws

If you are female, don’t talk about your flaws. Don’t talk about your boobs being too small, or not liking your hair. If you are not confident with yourself, keep that to yourself. Don’t complain about it to your date. Find something else to talk about, not all your flaws and faults.

Don’t Talk About Sports

If you are male, don’t bore your date with sports talk. Now if she is into sports, that’s a different story, but if she isn’t don’t bore her with the sports talk because you probably won’t get another date from her.

Don’t Get Too Personal

When you are on your first date, don’t get too personal. For example, don’t ask the person about how many sex partners they have had. That is not first-date material. Don’t come out and ask them how much money they make. On a first date, that really isn’t any of your business and that may make them think you only want them for their money if they make a lot of money.

Keep these things in mind and you should have a good first date. For a first date, it is probably best to go to a public outing so the both of you feel more comfortable.